Plaintiff v. Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Product Distributer

The plaintiff was injured when she fell in a bathroom while using her knee walker. Our attorneys represented the manufacturer of the knee walker and filed a motion to dismiss plaintiff’s action based on the expiration of the statute of limitations and lack of personal jurisdiction. Our client was dismissed from the case with prejudice.

The plaintiff did not dispute the motion to dismiss. The distributer of the knee walker timely filed a cross-claim against HL Corp. We asserted lack of personal jurisdiction. Due to business and contractual issues, the two defendants met in California with counsel to work out a defense/indemnity agreement. Our client was dismissed from the case with prejudice.

"Absolutely wonderful to work with! Very responsive and thorough. I know that when I refer a file to them, they’re going to do the best they can to get the best result for my company."

-Cristine Schellin, Senior Injury Manager, TLC Companies

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