Robert has a long history of assisting both private and public employers in managing and resolving workers’ compensation issues from basis cases to complex matters, including those that involve fraudulent behavior or accident disputes. His past career as a journalist and newspaper reporter provides him an edge in breaking down and assessing facts associated with claims and in determining questions for further investigation as he regards questionable claims that arise from problems with facts connected to a case. Robert also uses his keen attention to detail to assist during the cross-examination of witnesses.

Prior to his employment at Nyhan, Robert practiced in workers’ compensation defense at the Illinois Attorney General’s office, where he served as Deputy Bureau Chief and assisted with the training and development of numerous attorneys who have since moved into private practice representing employers. He has tried scores of cases involving public agencies and employers, prevailing in a significant number. Additionally, Robert has experience participating in hearings for insurance non-compliance issues.

Robert built upon his foundational skills and methods after joining Nyhan to become the strong and knowledgeable client advocate he is regarded as today. In one instance, witnesses were located to dispute a claim where benefits had been paid for more than five years. The case went to trial and the claim was denied with the assistance of numerous witnesses, including a neighbor to the petitioner who offered surveillance of the petitioner’s activities. Colleagues rely on Robert as a highly adept resource in representing employers who are not insured at the time of an accident.

Robert began his legal career with a focus on civil litigation. During this stage of his professional life, he completed jury trials and served as an arbitrator in Will County’s Mandatory Arbitration Progress for civil lawsuits.

He became licensed in Wisconsin in 2018 and currently serves as a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the Workers Compensation Lawyers Association.

Professional Associations

  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Workers Compensation Lawyers Association