Bill Lowry to Serve on Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson’s Transition Subcommittee

5.10.2023 Firm News

Bill Lowry was selected by Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson to serve on the Economic Vitality & Equity Subcommittee as part of his transition team. Bill and Brandon previously worked together as Cook County Commissioners for several years.

Nearly 400 individuals were appointed to 11 subcommittees and will work to guide the new administration’s agenda. The Mayor-elect stated the importance of appointing a diverse group of people to the subcommittees in order to learn from a variety of experiences and connections, aiming to represent all citizens of Chicago.

“I am extremely appreciative to be asked to serve the mayor-elect in this capacity, and am looking forward to elevating conversations regarding the economic well-being of Chicago,” said Bill, who has served as the 3rd District Commissioner since 2018.

For more information on Bill’s appointment and the mayor-elect, visit Chicago for the People and the New York Times (subscription required).

At Nyhan, Bill serves as president and is responsible for law firm policies, hiring, financial planning, attorney education, and strategic planning. He concentrates his trial and appellate practice on Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability on behalf of self-insured and insured businesses. He also collaborates with members of the business caucus and members of the General Assembly in Springfield to draft workers’ compensation legislation.

Brandon Johnson is a former county commissioner and teachers’ union organizer who ran on a platform of significant expansion of social programs and a promise to improve the lives of residents.