Nyhan’s Civil Litigation and Subrogation attorneys have recovered millions for our clients against well-regarded opponents. Our team prides itself on finding and implementing thoughtful, creative, and cost-effective solutions in each unique scenario.

At the outset of any dispute, we partner with clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and litigation objectives and work closely with their internal business teams to achieve those goals effectively and efficiently.

In matters of subrogation and employer liability, we combine our expertise in civil litigation and workers’ compensation matters to seek out the best viable outcome for the client. When there is overlap of employment issues and civil litigation, we utilize our group’s thorough knowledge and experience to meet client needs in subrogation claims, insurance disputes, employer liability matters, and employment discrimination cases.

Our team provides trusted advice and a client-centric approach. Nyhan is frequently brought in to handle an employer’s third-party defense while also addressing the client’s subrogation interest and lien recovery issues. One of our successes includes recovering more than $1.4 million in third-party claim expenses for a single client.

In addition to representing employers, we regularly handle wrongful death, personal injury, and commercial dispute matters in state and federal courts.

What We Do

Subrogation Matters. Our attorneys have a proven track record of assisting insurers in recovering claim expenses through subrogation and by asserting statutory liens. We recognize the importance of preserving the bottom line for our clients in claims involving:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial & residential damage
  • General liability matters

Third-Party Employer Liability. We regularly handle third-party claims against employers, including claims for contribution, breach of contract, and indemnity arising from work-related injury. Given Nyhan’s depth of knowledge for workers’ compensation matters, our team is able to provide guidance on concurrent resolution of workers’ compensation and third-party claims, creatively negotiate global resolution, and streamline the handling of the third-party claim, particularly when our team handles both the workers’ compensation claim and the third-party claim against the employer.

Employment Liability. Nyhan provides proactive counseling and a full range of legal counsel to address employee-related issues, such as those facing claims brought under:

  • Title VII
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Other federal, state, and local anti-discrimination legislation

Personal Injury and Property Damage Matters. Nyhan’s civil team has deep experience defending Illinois and Indiana businesses and individuals in cases involving personal injury and property damage, retail and premises liability, construction negligence, automobile, and trucking liability.

Dram Shop Liability: We assist clients dealing with responsibility pertaining to the actions of intoxicated customers and possible resulting consequences. Whether third or first-party liability is in question, we work with clients to assess the situation and reach the most beneficial outcome.

Insurance Coverage Issues: We provide guidance on cases across jurisdictions involving all manner of coverage disputes, including claims of bad faith. Our attorneys are well-versed in analyzing a variety of insurance contracts, including:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Medical & non-medical professional liability
  • Builder’s risk
  • Directors & officers
  • Employment practices liability
  • Errors & omissions
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Umbrella
  • Excess & surplus
  • Workers’ compensation/employer’s liability

Product Liability: Nyhan utilizes its attorneys’ technical knowledge across disciplines to serve clients in matters pertaining to catastrophic injury, property damage, and other personal injury matters. By doing so, we skillfully evaluate claims, litigate suits, action our network, and manage insurance coverage issues to lead our client throughout the entire litigation process.

We successfully obtained summary judgment for a major manufacturer in Cook County, Illinois on a claim against the company for injuries arising from a homeowner’s attempted repair of the manufacturer’s garage door motor.

Who We Serve

Nyhan serves clients across multiple industries that face challenging litigation matters. We work with both companies and individuals to meet their unique needs and provide a superior legal resolution to their specific situations.

How We Do It

Our team always approaches the litigation process with our clients’ goals at the forefront. From case development to resolution, we commit to comprehensively evaluating the case at hand before implementing effective solutions by settlement or trial depending on the circumstances of the case.

If our team determines there is potential recovery or subrogation, we bring in those involved as a third party to uncover the full picture of the case. In all subrogation issues involving in-house workers’ compensation claims, we provide fluid communication and efficiently handle the matter while looking at the overall scope on behalf of the client.

While other attorneys may have competing priorities or be caught up in pursuing their own agendas, our group ensures the client does not pay more than necessary by supplying a holistic view of the case and mapping out a cost-effective solution.

When all claims are handled by the Nyhan team, clients can rest assured that their case will be carefully managed and our team will provide the most optimal solution in consideration of all perspectives and parties involved.