We are prepared to assist clients in the careful and thorough defense of each case and provide a full range of services to address any issues that arise.

We challenge the reactive model defense has become, strategically and proactively mitigating to achieve results and file closure for our clients. This requires effective use of the available, evolving tools at our disposal — from Independent Medical Examinations to arbitration. Our time-tested, proactive approach produces advantageous resolutions by preventing long, drawn-out cases and their associated costs.

Our Approach

From the moment a file enters our office, it receives meticulous attention. In the early stages of a case, we provide a thorough analysis that highlights our recommendations for defense. During the pendency of each case, we counsel at every step in the decision-making process.

Technology plays an important role in fueling our efficient and cost-effective approach. Our custom-designed docketing and litigation support software allows us to closely monitor claims, and we consistently review our processes and technologies to keep up with the latest advances. This allows us to include things like surveillance, social media searches, secure video footage, and more in our investigations.