IWCC Publishes Proposed Rules Defining “Explanation of Benefits”

9.17.2019 Blog

On September 13, 2019, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission published proposed rule changes in the Illinois Register.  The proposed rule changes implement the rulemaking required by Public Act 100-1117, defining what documents qualify as an explanation of benefits, and what information must be included to properly deny a medical bill.

The proposed rule changes are substantively the same as those announced by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Advisory Board on May 20, 2019, although the structure of the rules has been modified.

We previously wrote about how the proposed rules will impact a payor’s ability to deny medical bills, and other potential implications of Public Act 100-1117.

The Commission will accept written comments until at least October 28, 2019.  Comments can be submitted to the Commission’s general counsel:

Ronald A. Rascia
General Counsel
Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission
100 W. Randolph St., Suite 8-200
Chicago, IL 60601

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