Generic Lyrica Option Now Available on the CMS WCMSA Submission Portal

9.5.2019 Blog

Pregabalin, the generic for Lyrica, became available in July of 2019. Despite the availability of Pregabalin, the WCMSA submission portal up until recently did not reflect the updated Pregabalin AWP pricing. At this time, the lowest non repackaged Red Book AWP for pregabalin 50mg capsules amounts to $0.90 per unit. Since the lowest non repackaged Red Book AWP for Lyrica 50mg capsules amounts to $9.36 per unit, it is clear that a switch from the brand name Lyrica to the generic Pregabalin will result in significant cost savings over time. In light of this, pending settlements that include Medicare Set Aside arrangements should be reviewed in order to try to take advantage of the availability of the generic. Settlements that were once unimaginable due to the cost of Lyrica, may now become reality.


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