Governor Pritzker Signs Bill Adding Rebuttable Presumption Subsection to the Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act

6.8.2020 Blog

On June 8, 2020, Governor Pritzker signed HB 2455/PA 101-633 into law, adding a new subsection to the Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act (820 ILCS 310/1). Subsection 1(g) adds a rebuttable presumption for first responders and front-line workers relating to exposure to and contraction of COVID-19. A broader rule was initially proposed and later withdrawn when the Circuit Court determined that the IWCC exceeded its administrative authority. For more details about the amendment and its contents, click here.

Our attorneys will continue to monitor how the new law impacts the business community. We are available to answer any questions or assist with any claims involving Covid-19.  For further reading on our firm’s involvement in the Agreed Bill Process, please click here.

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