Leading by Example: How Nyhan President Bill Lowry’s Contributions Continue to Impact Chicago for the Better

8.8.2023 Firm News

The legal profession is respected for a variety of reasons: compensation, prestige, security, and power. The best attorneys, however, understand that theirs is a role in public service, both on the national stage and in their local communities.  

Thirty years ago, William A. Lowry joined a team of colleagues to open a firm dedicated to pro bono work and community engagement. Today, Bill’s commitment to the legal profession, community care, and local politics has helped Nyhan to foster a culture of service. 

Bill has a strong presence in the legal community. In addition to his involvement with organizations such as the American Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, Cook County Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, and Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association, Bill uses his practice area knowledge to support the Illinois Capital Development Board as a Vice-Chair, as well as the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board and Rule Committee. As a former president of Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Board of Governors and current Diversity Council member, Bill does his part to cultivate social equity at all levels of the legal profession. 

Outside of his legal practice, one of Bill’s main missions is to curb youth violence in Chicago. He is a member of Bright Star Community Outreach, an organization focused on addressing relevant social issues such as mental health and homelessness, as well as the Get IN Chicago Advisory Network, which connects nonprofits and other anti-violence organizations with counsel, funding, and mentorship. Most notably, Bill and his neighbors in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Wards of Chicago founded The It’s Time Organization (TITO), which holds a holistic view of the issues contributing to youth violence as well as the strategies necessary for repair. Understanding the role of a strong and equitable education system in personal and community development, Bill contributes additional efforts to the Lake Forest College Board of Trustees as a Chair and the Ancona Montessori School as an Honorary Trustee. 

Bill’s focus on community transformation has led him to the world of local politics. In 2018, he was elected Cook County Commissioner of the 3rd District, with his 2022 reelection allowing him to build upon the monumental successes of his first term, namely his passage of the Good Faith Effort Transparency Report and the formation of the Cook County Cannabis Commission. These legislative items have had crucial economic impacts on Chicago’s 3rd Ward, promoting social equity and economic participation for all individuals. They also led Bill to serve as a member of Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson’s Economic Vitality & Equity Subcommittee transition team.  

At Nyhan, Bill serves as president and is responsible for law firm policies, hiring, financial planning, attorney education, and strategic planning. He concentrates his trial and appellate practice on Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability on behalf of self-insured and insured businesses. He also collaborates with members of the business caucus and General Assembly in Springfield to draft workers’ compensation legislation.  

In these numerous roles, Bill has been a champion for diversity and inclusion, supplying our youth with the resources needed to be successful, increasing economic development in Chicago, and combatting the presence of youth conflict and violence throughout the city. He has established himself as a pillar in the legal field through his personal practice and advancement of diversity initiatives in law school education and professional development.  

Under his leadership, the attorneys at Nyhan are inspired to apply Bill’s active and comprehensive approach to our own legal practice, centering our communities in the process.