Nyhan’s 2023 Summer Interns Bring Fresh Insights While Learning Valuable Skills

7.25.2023 Firm News

Nyhan is delighted to acknowledge the accomplishments of our talented 2023 summer interns. This year we are joined by Bianca Han from the University of Illinois, Dominic Zumpano from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law, Isiaha Kyles from Loyola University, and Danielle Krispin  from DePaul University, who are playing a vital role in advancing our commitment to excellence.

Bianca, who joined us last summer and has been with us throughout the year, continues to bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to her work. Dominic, Isaiah, and Danielle, our first-year interns, have also proven to be incredible assets to our team.

Under the guidance of our seasoned attorneys, the interns have gained invaluable experience by conducting legal research, drafting comprehensive memos, engaging in client meetings, collaborating with our attorneys, and participating in mock trials. Their ability to research case law and prepare briefs has showcased their strategic thinking, and their dedication has made a significant impact on our operations.

At Nyhan, we strive to create an environment that fosters growth and excellence. Our internship program provides individuals with unparalleled opportunities and comprehensive support, ensuring their success aligns with the continued prosperity of our firm.