Jill Kastner’s (she/her) practice focuses on workers’ compensation, leveraging almost two decades of hands-on experience in various corporate law firms across the Chicagoland area. Jill has a proven track record of successfully representing nationally recognized companies against workers’ compensation claims. She manages all levels of claims including litigation and appeals.   She lectures on industry-related topics throughout the country.

In her capacity as an employer representative on the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board for the State of Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Commission – a role she has held since 2019 – Jill actively contributes to shaping the workers’ compensation landscape.


  • Presenter, “Let’s Get Engaged, the Power of Claims Engagement,” 2023
  • Presenter, “Rebuttable Presumption: Impact on Workers’ Compensation System,” 2022
  • Presenter, “New Procedures Post COVID-19: Part Two,” IICLE’s 8th Annual Workers’ Compensation Institute: Practicing in the Post-COVID Era, 2021
  • Presenter, “Early Steps for Cost Saving Success,” 2021
  • Presenter, “It’s Better to Avoid Drugs, Legal or Otherwise, but Tips for Minimizing Their
  • Impact When You Can’t,” 2020
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  • Presenter, “Why do Opioid and Traumatic Brain Injury Claims Cost So Much?” 2019
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  • Presenter, “Workers’ Comp 101,” 2017
  • Presenter, “Drugs, Alcohol and a Pinch of Fraud,” Construction and Safety Conference, 2015
  • Presenter, “Settlement Strategies,” 2015
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  • Presenter, “Workers’ Compensation Fraud: What constitutes Fraud, what to do when you think you have Fraud and what cases have actually been prosecuted,” 2013
  • Presenter, “PPP’s,” 2013

Representative Matters

  • Successfully represented a major telecommunications company in an arbitration involving claims of repetitive trauma injuries.
  • Represented an American fast-food chain in a claim by a former worker alleging carpal tunnel syndrome from job duties. The Arbitrator found that the Petitioner failed to prove an accident arising out of their employment and denied all benefits.
  • Represented a national restaurant chain against claims in which an employee was seeking temporary total disability (TTD) benefits and knee surgery authorization for an alleged accident that took place at work. Jill proved that the injuries were the result of a significant preexisting condition. The Arbitrator denied all benefits to the Petitioner.
  • Represented an American fast-food chain against claims that a contractor required surgery because of a slip and fall that took place when he was walking into the establishment. The petitioner was seeking TTD benefits, payment of over 100 visits to the chiropractor and payment of their surgical bills. Jill successfully showed that there were questionable elements in the complaints and medical evidence. The Arbitrator denied the petitioner all medical after the first few weeks following the incident.