William A. Lowry Appointed to the Illinois Judicial Conference by State Supreme Court

9.25.2023 Firm News

Nyhan President William A. Lowry has been appointed to the Illinois Judicial Conference (IJC) to serve a three-year term as a member.  

Consisting of 29 carefully selected members, the IJC reflects the geographic, racial, gender, and professional diversity throughout the state of Illinois and was designated by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 41 as the body responsible for strategic planning for the Illinois Judicial Branch. Every three years, the IJC sets broad goals for the Judicial Branch through the creation of a strategic agenda, which is then implemented by specialized task forces within the IJC. 

As a new appointee of the IJC, Bill will be working with fellow members to enact the 2022-2025 IJC strategic agenda, which includes five main goals:  

  1. Accessible justice and equal protection under the law 
  2. The improvement of procedural and outcome fairness and enhanced efficiency of court operations 
  3. Professionalism and accountability throughout the judicial branch 
  4. Greater understanding of the Illinois Judicial Branch and confidence in court decisions 
  5. Increased and sustained funding to meet court needs 

The title of IJC member is the newest addition to Bill’s long list of memberships and honors. He has served as the Cook County Commissioner of the 3rd District since 2018 and is a member of the Rules Committee of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission as well as Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Economic Vitality and Equity Subcommittee transition team. Most recently, Bill was recognized in The Best Lawyers in America for his dedication and performance in Workers’ Compensation Law.  

At Nyhan, Bill serves as president and is responsible for law firm policies, hiring, financial planning, attorney education, and strategic planning. He concentrates his trial and appellate practice on Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability on behalf of self-insured and insured businesses. 

The Illinois Judicial Conference is a multi-disciplinary group of judicial branch leaders in Illinois with a mission to protect the rights and liberties of all by providing equal access to justice, resolving disputes, and upholding the rule of law pursuant to the powers and duties entrusted to the group by the Illinois Constitution.