Bill Lowry’s Impact on Nyhan as Firm President and Board Member

5.16.2024 General

As president of Nyhan and a member of the firm’s board of directors, Bill Lowry’s DEI-focused and community-driven influence can be seen throughout all facets of the firm. From the encouragement of participation in community events and pro bono work to exposing summer interns to county board meetings, Bill’s leadership is characterized by a passion for service and a dedication to building communities, qualities that have been with him throughout his career and life.

From having a well-regarded civil rights and civic leader for a father to facing racism at an early age, the importance of inclusivity and equality was instilled in Bill as a child. Driven by a strong belief in giving back, he tirelessly champions hard work, integrity, and empathy as cornerstones of effective governance. Within the firm, this approach is instrumental in cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion. With nearly half of the team comprised of women and strong female leadership, Bill emphasizes the crucial role of these actions in advancing collective progress while cultivating an inclusive workplace focused on excellence and equality.

Now serving as Commissioner of Cook County’s 3rd District, Bill originally began his political ascent in Illinois as the first African American in the state’s history to obtain a seat on the Capital Development Board. His work to uplift under-resourced communities and build sustainable, mutually beneficial, multicultural communities throughout the district undoubtedly translates into his impact and influence at Nyhan. Within the firm, he has devised effective strategies to address the needs of communities with the help of his team. He actively encourages the firm’s attorneys and staff to engage in various volunteering efforts, such as the 30 Acts of Service for 30 Years initiative, reflecting the firm’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the confines of the workplace.

Bill’s active engagement across professional, community, and political realms empowers him to enact significant change, and despite the time-consuming nature of these roles, he finds them worthwhile because they allow him to directly impact the lives of individuals and communities.

Reflecting on his presidency, Bill shares, “Nyhan’s success underscores our proactive and thorough approach to fostering a diverse workforce and the efforts we take to give back to our community. Guiding the firm towards its objectives remains a fulfilling journey, and I’m proud to have inspired others along the way.”

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