Author: Adam Cox

The United States Appellate Court Has a Few Questions…and We Definitely Want Those Answers

3.13.2024 Blog
For years, the exclusive remedy provision insulated employers from civil litigation by employees for industrial accidents and exposures. In 2019, the Illinois legislature passed a law that created an exception, with potentially dire consequences at stake. That change is being challenged now, and the case is headed to the Illinois Supreme Court for some answers.

Transforming Lives Daily: Nyhan Celebrates the Americans with Disabilities Act

7.26.2023 Firm News
The ADA has transformed lives, broken barriers, and improved accessibility, enabling greater inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. Nyhan celebrates businesses that have embraced ADA principles, quietly enhancing the quality of life for many, and fostering an integrated and empowered workforce.

“I’m Putting Everything In Dispute”

9.14.2022 Blog
As a young attorney, I remember (amidst the morning buzz at the Commission) overhearing another attorney proclaim something along the lines of, “If we’re not settled here and now, then we’re going to trial today… and I’m putting everything in dispute except jurisdiction and employment.”