Martha Gely-Kruto appointed Chief Diversity Officer

The Shareholders of Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry, P.C. (NBKL) are pleased to announce the appointment of Martha Gely-Kruto as the firm’s first Chief Diversity Officer.  In this new role, Martha will chair the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  She will help us strengthen our firm through honest dialogue about diversity and inclusion.  Martha has been a valued partner with NBKL for 7 years and brings strength and leadership to a cause that is very dear to her heart.  Martha is an advocate for change and a strong voice for inclusion and fair practices.

Quote from Martha Gely-Kruto

I am honored and humbled to be appointed as NBKL’s Chief Diversity Officer. I am a firm believer that true change requires courage, commitment, hard work, and accountability. Sometimes people use the words Diversity and Inclusion to feel important or to be politically correct. For me, Diversity and Inclusion are more than just another trend. It is a commitment to provide a more accepting and inclusive work environment in which all people feel they belong. It is a commitment to shatter stereotypes. It is a commitment to our young people to provide opportunities and mentorship; to help them achieve success. It is a commitment to act. It is also a commitment to listen, truly listen. In our effort to achieve social justice and equality, we must never forget to listen to one another with respect and compassion.

Quote from Robert E. Harrington, Jr.

Martha joined NBKL in April of 2013 and immediately made an impact on our firm.  She is an excellent attorney and her hard work, preparedness and great results show. She has all of the traits of a true leader. She is a great listener and leads by example. She has a strong passion for diversity and social justice.  I have witnessed this through volunteer work for Bill Lowry’s political campaign. We all know some people who are the “glue” that help hold certain groups of people together, whether that be groups of family members, old friends or coworkers. Martha is one of those special “glue people”. For all of these reasons, I was proud to nominate Martha Gely-Kruto to be NBKL’s very first Chief Diversity Officer. I am excited to watch her tackle this important position like she has all others!

"The foundation of our longstanding partnership with the firm is based on our shared values of honesty and fairness. They recognize our unique needs and work with us to achieve a desired outcome in a cost efficient and practical manner."

-Larry Collins, Senior Director, Risk Management Marriott Claims Services, Chicago

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