Author: Amy Bilton

Ready for Your Halloween Scare? The First COVID-19 Presumption Case Has Been Decided in Illinois!

10.29.2021 Blog
The moment Illinois workers’ compensation professionals have been waiting for has finally arrived!  On October 21, 2021, Arbitrator Amarilio issued the first decision addressing Illinois’ COVID-19 presumption in the case of Edgar Lucero v.  Focal Point, LLC (20 WC 18985).

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2.3.2021 Blog
Why would I do a Medicare Set-Aside when an individual has an alternative form of health insurance, whether that be through group health insurance after the age of 65 while working for the respondent-employer or through a spouse?

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7.29.2020 Blog
Prescription drugs can make up a large part of a Medicare Set-Aside.  Since Medicare prices future prescription drugs using average wholesale price, the ultimate cost of the drugs through a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) is often less than the average wholesale price.

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4.27.2020 Blog
While development letters (CMS letters asking for additional information for a submitted MSA) have slowed over the last several months, we are still seeing them, nonetheless. 

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1.27.2020 Blog
This Ask Amy topic comes from one of my workers’ compensation cases.