Motions to Reinstate – Getting the Upper Hand

1.22.2019 Blog
Like middle children, Reinstatement Motions don’t get enough attention. The general consensus is that Reinstatement Motions almost always get granted, and any fight is an exercise in futility. Cases are routinely reinstated without objection, and often get granted without a formal record.

Answers by Amy

1.15.2019 Blog
Question:  We recently learned that an injured worker is using an American citizen’s Social Security number, and that American citizen is a Medicare beneficiary.  The worker using that Social Security number is technically undocumented, however, and is 64 years old.  What do I need to do in my settlement to remain in compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act?

Private Cause of Action 2018

1.15.2019 Blog
The Private Cause of Action provision of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP) (42 U.S.C. Section 1395 y(b)(3)A) remained  the focus of much of the MSP litigation in  2018.

Conditional Payments; Then and Now

1.15.2019 Blog
In February, 2018, Performant Financial Corporation (parent organization of Performant Recovery, Inc. “Performant”) replaced CGI Federal as the lead contractor in the Commercial Repayment Center (“CRC”) operations.