Answers by Amy

11.1.2018 Blog
Question:  How much does the Medicare Secondary Payer program really impact the Medicare program?  Does it really make it more likely that Medicare will be around when I am old enough to qualify for this entitlement program?

Not So Fast MSPA Claims

11.1.2018 Blog
In response to the question whether the Medicare Secondary Payer statute preempted the state’s automobile no fault law, the State of Florida Third District Court of Appeal responded with an emphatic No!

UR: What Is It Good For?

11.1.2018 Blog
You may have asked that question lately. In the management of workers’ compensation claims, Utilization Review (UR) provides a process whereby proposed treatment is assessed for medical necessity and reasonableness.

Introducing “Answers from Amy”

8.30.2018 Blog
I have a claimant who is currently 62 years and 1 month old.  The total settlement is over $250,000.   Does this meet the CMS review threshold? If not, are we “safe” by not submitting?