Adam Cox and Lisa Azoory-Keller Presenting at Illinois Chamber of Commerce Webinar

1.24.2023 Presentations
Come join experienced trial attorneys Lisa Azoory-Keller and Adam Cox, as they help provide some relief to prevent and resolve your ancient “old dog” workers’ compensation claims. As an added bonus, they will also give a smattering of “hacks” that are guaranteed to help minimize your claim exposures.

It’s Elevation Day at NBKL!

12.20.2022 Firm News
The NBKL Family is so happy to announce that Heather Boyer is being elevated to shareholder and Catie Cavanaugh and Joe Gregorio are being elevated to partner. They are each wonderful lawyers and people. Please join us in extending them our congratulations!

Between the Numbers: CMS Releases (Some) Data on WCMSA Submissions and Approvals From the Last Three Years

12.7.2022 Blog
CMS released some data for their WCMSA approvals over the last three years. The data suggests that CMS increased the proposed WCMSA amounts by 14% on average, and shows that the number of WCMSAs submitted to CMS each year are trending down. Despite the limited data provided, there are other potential implications for WCMSA submitters.

Not on My Turf! Veering off the Course of Employment While Travelling to and From Work

11.22.2022 Blog
In a recent unpublished decision, Hoots v. (Dollar General), IWCC, 2022 IL App (4th) 220441WC-U), the Appellate Court agreed with the Commission that Petitioner failed to show that her accident occurred in the course of her employment. Petitioner was not considered a traveling employee simply because she commuted to work. Further, the employer did not own, maintain, control, or direct Petitioner to traverse in the area in which the injury occurred.