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NBKL Blog Posts regarding COVID-19:

Illinois COVID-19 Presumption of Compensability “Expires” by Joseph A. Gregorio

The End of the COVID-19 Presumption in Illinois by Adam J. Cox

Kane County Circuit Court Dismisses Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleging Employee Contracted Covid-19 at Work and Then Transmitted the Virus to His Spouse by Steven W. Jacobson

COVID-19 Update: Benefits Extended to Essential Workers under House Bill 4276, Passed Today by Lisa Azoory-Keller

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Transitions to Electronic Filing System by William A. Lowry, Jr.

COVID-19 Update: EEOC and OSHA Issue Supplemental Reopening Guidance by Anne-Marie Foster

Governor Pritzker Signs Bill Adding Rebuttable Presumption Subsection to the Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act by Padraig McCoid

Reopening the Workplace with COVID-19: Guidance from OSHA by Anne-Marie Foster

Reopening the Workplace with COVID-19: Guidance from the EEOC by Anne-Marie Foster

Illinois General Assembly Passes New COVID-19 Rebuttable Presumption Amendment to the Illinois Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act by James A. Moran

Illinois Legislature Proposes New COVID-19 Rebuttable Presumption Amendment to the Illinois Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act by  Nancy D. Wilensky

ICD-10 Coding for COVID-19 and Section 111 Reporting by Rasa E. Fumagalli

IWCC Withdraws Emergency COVID-19 Rule by Christopher J. Gibbons

Employer Groups Obtain TRO Against IWCC Emergency Rule by Adam J. Cox

COVID-19 Update: Emergency Paid Leave, FMLA Expansion and Workers’ Compensation by Anne-Marie Foster

Take Two: Commission Issues New Modified Emergency Covid-19 Rule for First Responders and Front-Line Workers by Christine M. Jagodzinski

Commission Issues Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Rule Covering First Responders and “Front Line” Employees by Lisa Azoory-Keller

Should Employers Expect Lawsuits in Circuit Court for COVID-19-Related Deaths? by David A. Victor

COVID-19 Update: DOL and EEOC Issue Series of FAQs to Guide Employers by Anne-Marie Foster

COVID-19 Update: FMLA Expansion and Emergency Paid Leave by Anne-Marie Foster

COVID-19 Update: OSHA Guidance by Anne-Marie Foster

COVID-19: Compensability, Exposure & Best Practices by Daniel R. Simones


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